Viva La Vibe Frozen Hot Chocolate

frozen hot chocolate

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Deep, dark, chocolatey frozen hot chocolate served up with a pile of vegan whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top. Yea - we are drooling over here.

Do you wish it was Hot Chocolate season all the time? Well, it can be if you think outside of the box! 

It's hard to beat a nice mug of steamy hot chocolate when it's cold outside and you are warm and cozy inside - especially if you are sitting by a crackling fire. But when the warm weather kicks in, hot chocolate might not be your go-to drink... until now!

If you love hot cocoa but want to change things up, Frozen Hot Chocolate will be your new favourite drink! You only need 3 ingredients & a high-speed blender, and in just 2 minutes you'll be sipping on the best thing to happen to hot chocolate since... well - Viva La Vibe Superfood Hot Chocolate (wink).

A super indulgent frappé style drink with 100% organic ingredients, no refined sugar, adaptogens and superfoods - sign me up! Feeling extra bougie? Top it off with whipped cream and chocolate curls for a real treat.

Makes 2 Servings 


• Viva La Vibe Double Cacao Hot Chocolate : 1 cup

• *Plant Milk : 2 cups

• Ice : 2 cups

Want even more adaptogens : Add a tablespoon of Fog Lifter!

Use your favourite milk (soy, hemp, cashews, almond, oat, coconut) - we used organic unsweetened soy milk

Optional Ingredients

• Vegan Whipped Cream

• Chocolate Shavings

• Sprinkles

 • Crushed Peppermint

 How to Make the Frozen Hot Chocolate :

It literally couldn't be easier! Place Viva La Vibe Hot Chocolate powder, plant milk and ice in a blender. Blend until mostly smooth. Pour evenly into two glasses (well - maybe a cheeky 60/40 split) and top with whipped cream and chocolate curls.

Pro Tip : All of the Viva La Vibe Hot Chocolate flavours work in this recipe, so try some variations! 

Cacao Mocha : If you want a coffee boost, use the Cacao Mocha and add 1 TBSP of Be Strong Superfood Creamer

Minty Cacao : If you want something a little minty, use the Minty Cacao and add 1 TBSP of Magic Mood Superfood Creamer

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